who had worked at the department since 1920-s
currently working for the department

The history of the Department of conservation begins in 1924, when due to the transfer of the pieces from the Rumyantsev museum, the State Museum fund and the State Hermitage to the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, workshops for conservation of sculptures and paintings, as well as a moulding shop, and later a book and paper conservation workshop were created.

Throughout the history of the Department, several generations of outstanding art conservators worked in it, such as V. Krylova, M. Aleksandrovsky, M.Yukhnevich, V. Yakovlev, P.Korin, S.Churakov, G.Karlsen, N.E. Knorre. Thanks to them, the fundamental basis and traditions of the conservation school in the museum were laid out.

Currently, the Department of conservation consists of the workshops for paintings, paper, and objects conservation, as well as the department of research. In the 11 laboratories and workshops of the Department work more than 40 art conservators and research associates.

In the workshops of the department, pieces from different collectionы of the museum are being conserved and studied. Our colleagues constantly monitor the state of preservation of the exhibits, preform the necessary conservation treatments, and take part in preparations for exhibitions.